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Here is an overview of a few articles, I wrote on major trends and innovations concerning the CES Las Vegas (Robots, Autonomous Vehicles, Roll-up Screen, Blockchain, IA ..), limits in artificial intelligence especially neural networks and potential uses of blockchain especially in B2G (business to government).


Livosphere has a role of architect from transforming ideas to constructing a viable and innovative solution and then implementing it widely.


In addition, I am regularly a speaker on innovation and new technologies (AI, blockchain, IOT - Internet of Things, Robotics Viva Tech). Here are some videos. You can contact me directly through this link to have additional information.

Debrief of CES Las Vegas 2019 (Robots, Autonomous Vehicles,  Blockchain, AI, China ..)

CES Las Vegas 2019 has shown many trends and innovations: (Full article translated with Google Translate)

  • Less buzz on autonomous vehicles but many progresses on components (lidars, cameras ...), modular vehicle and data crowdsourcing via vehicles

  • Many transport new solutions (Bell's UAV with passenger, the John Deere autonomous tractor, the hydrogen bike),

  • If there were fewer Chinese exhibitors (nearly 25% according to the newspaper Le Monde), They had bigger booths, more concentrated in the heart of the halls and aspire that the Made in China " get ahead of the famous "Made in Germany "

  • The comeback of the space conquest via the private sector (mini-satellites Zero2Infinity, vehicles sponsored by JETRO that should go on the Moon starting on 2021)


  • The blockchain is a great breakthrough among startups and large groups with two main uses: traceability and security
  • The voice is integrated in more and more hardware even in the switches (see Legrand and Snips) and replaces voice assistants like Google Home, Amazon Echo
  • AI in addition to voice, is present in visual recognition and helps people with disabilities (move chair with facial expressions)

  • Delivery robots , exo-skeletons, Omron robot that progresses at Ping-pong every year, Underwater robots ...

  • Rolling TV from LG

  • Resilience : many solutions on self-production and self-consumption of energy (Skavenji, Fenix, OSol, useful in case of long failure!, BioGaz, Lum'In (standalone lamp)

  • And a lot of amazing products: blood analysis via our smartphone ( XRBlood ), transformation of sounds into lights for the hearing impaired: SmartEar, Plant Urban Furniture ( UrbanCanopée )

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The limits of AI, artificial intelligence, neural networks and solutions to deal with them

After Green Washing and IoT Washing, are we facing AI Washing ?


Many companies in particular startups claim to integrate artificial intelligence, is this reality and aren't there false promises behind ? (Full article translated in English via Google Translate)


Are there risks to use AI without understanding the impacts ? Are the neural networks the panacea for solving all the problems or, on the contrary, aren't they leading us to a dead end by being a black box ? 


Is the AI robust or on the contrary a giant with feet of clay ? What about transhumanism and a strong AI that would overtake mankind ?


There is still some way before an AI can fully compete with a human being. The gift test (the ability of an AI to please a person by giving a gift, the first time, the 2nd, 3rd without being repetitive) would be a good indicator of the progress of the AI. It is a real challenge for an AI to integrate and anticipate the reaction of the a person without having the opportunity to test it beforehand.


This article explains artificial intelligence in

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Blockchain: Revolution or Bubble ? Facebook Coin / Libra, Uses: Traceability, Security, Resource Sharing, Startups, Principles: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies,

Will blockchain revolutionize our society or will it be a niche technology? Before answering categorically, the blockchain is still young, with just 10 years on the clock, the first chain of blocks was conceptualized by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 (Full version in English translated with Google Translate )


Besides, AI is already a senior of 62 years ! Blockchain needs to mature theoretically and practically so that everyone gets their hands on and really understands how it can be used with other technologies as AI and IoT.


There is a strong growth in the number of startups and companies including at the CES Las Vegas who use it in their solutions - according to their say ! - even if it is not yet the tidal wave as for the AI.


The main use cases of the blockchain are clearer than for AI: traceability, data security / authentication, exchange and sharing of resources (or digital assets called crypto-assets: crypto-currencies and tokens ) even if it is not so obvious to understand its mechanisms (see the end of the article on mining, public,consortium, private blockchain, token, Smart Contracts ...).


Basically, the blockchain (public) is a shared registry, database, accessible to all that keeps immutably the history of transactions and events. It is almost tamper-proof and we can add data but we can not modify past data, it is encrypted and its integrity is verified in a decentralized way by miners (or minters).


A major interest of blockchain is that we don't need any trusted third parties or centralizing entities that share data. This explains in particular the development of blockchain in the food industry (eg the famous Carrefour chicken) because in addition to the need for traceability, breeders, farmers and other actors no longer have to fear that the data transmitted will be monopolized by a big distributor and they lose their hands on it. When you dig a little, the reality is a little different when you switch to private blockchain or consortium (this is the case of Carrefour chicken now based on the blockchain IBM FoodTrust !).


I notably intervened at the French pension organisation, AGIRC ARRCO to present the interest of the blockchain which will also give you some ideas on its use in the field of pensions (see video)


Topics :

  • Blockchain for pensions and insurance (Video)
  • The Blockchain rush and why?  (Questions to ask about on a Blockchain project, Blockchain, part of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph)

Blockchain, IA and IoT

  • New technologies will become more intertwined between IA, IoT, Blockchain.
  • Car , Energy , Computing Power and Shared Storage, Startups IoT at CES Las Vegas

B2G Business to Government

The principles of blockchain

Limits of the blockchain


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